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  1. Hello all,

    I bought an Ampeg SVT4 Pro and an SWR SM500 from TBers here about a month back so I could A/B the tone with my Goliath III cab.

    Both sound very nice but, the SM500 is a little more modern sounding than the tone I prefer so I am selling it and keeping the 4 Pro.

    It is in very good condition with some minor scratches and rack rash.

    Asking $500 + shipping which is what I paid for it.

    I may consider a trade for a nice G&L 2000 or 2500 Tribute.

    Cashiers checks and U.S. Postal Money orders are fine and I will also accept PayPal if you are willing to pay the 3% fee.

    PM me if interested.
  2. And returned
  3. I would also be interested in trading for some VST software.

    I am looking for:

    Steinberg Groove Agent 2

    UAD Plugins (1176, Dreamverb)

    I still would like to trade for a G&L L2000 Tribby.

  4. Sold on the 'Bay.