FS/FT: Turner 34 Inch 5 string Renaissance Fretless Bass RBFL5 Significantly modded

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  1. jibreel


    Apr 12, 2005
    I am moving exclusively to four string basses. I absolutely love my Turner Renaissance fretless bass, so I will be moving to a 4 string RBFL when I find one.

    Yes, this bass is 34 inch scale !!!

    Brazilian Rosewood unlined fingerboard
    Brazilian Rosewood headstock laminated
    Custom ramp
    Thomastic Infeld Acousticore strings

    This bass has been modded significantly so here is the lowdown:

    I had Mike Lull convert this bass from 5 strings to 6 strings. Great concept, string spacing was just too narrow. In order to do this, we had to drill an additional hole in the head stock for the sixth tuner. The bridge had to be re-grooved on the bottom side in order to accommodate the additional string and the difference in spacing. The back of the bass where the string ferrules are, had to be modified also to accommodate the additional string. Obviously, a 6 string nut was installed.

    I fairly quickly restored it back to 5 strings. All I had to do in order to accomplish this was replace the nut. However, I have completed cosmetic restoration to the degree it can be done given my skill level. :bag: Most of the cosmetic restoration is decent, the weakest area being the bottom of the bridge where the additional grooves were filled with wood putty. Of course, you don't see it when you are playing or when the bass is on a stand. The front of the headstock has Brazilian Rosewood veneer. The back of the headstock has maple veneer. Despite the modification and "restoration", this bass functions fine a 5 string bass as it was intended.

    I also converted this bass from 35” to 34” scale. This was actually quite easy. I simply cut off 1 inch from the bottom of the fingerboard. I removed the original side dots and filled openings with wood putty. I applied new dots with a Sharpie pen which have remained in place. However, the neck heel was cut to fit in alignment with the neck pocket. Due to the reduced length, there is now a gap where original edges do not match. However, this is cosmetic only and does not affect the structural integrity or playability of the bass in any way.

    For those who have never owned a piezo only bass, you need to be prepared to do occasional fine tuning adjustments. This mostly involves sometimes having to apply small amounts of tape or silver foil to the bottom of the saddle in order to achieve even string volume due to the piezo pickup. The truss rod functions great. Another common adjustment is slight shimming of the neck which has been done on this bass.

    Pots are slightly scratchy but quiet down after being turned a few times. Given their location, it is hard to spray them.

    $1,050 shipped paypal lower 48 OBO! OBO! The ONLY trade would be for a 4 string Turner RBFL.

    Will ship in a beat up case that will protect it well. Also, some extra strings included.










  2. jibreel


    Apr 12, 2005
    Fretless !