FS/(FT?): Vintage Dan-Electro BXL 60 Bass Amp

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  1. Federighi


    Jun 19, 2011
    Burlingame, CA
    Hey TB,

    For sale is my Dad's old DE solid state bass amp. Exact age is unknown to me as it's been in the family for years.

    15" speaker, 500 watts(?), 2 inputs, vol/treb/bass EQ controls. Reasonably tall, shallow profile, surprisingly lightweight. I also believe it's all original & is in overall good-very good condition.

    Great vintage sound, perfect for retro bands, or keeping at home as a practice amp.

    Now $300. Discount for local pick-up.

    Possibly open to trade for MIJ PBass, etc.

    Any questions or ideas, please feel free to contact me via phone/ text or PM.

    Thank you,
    -Paul (650) 464-4012 (SF Bay Area)