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FS/FT: Vintage Wavy Grover Tuners, Black, 4 Inline

Discussion in 'For Sale: Parts, Strings, and Accessories' started by twocargar, Jul 20, 2012.

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  1. For Sale / For Trade: Vintage Wavy Grover Tuners, Black, Set of 4 Inline

    These are a set of tuners I originally put on a bass of mine back in the early 90's. Unfortunately, I don't have the screw on bushings and washers for them anymore or the original screws. They are in good shape, some scuffs, but will give your bass a very nice look. I ended up using regular black Fender push in bushings for them, and they were fine. Although I haven't done it, I have read these are reversible, so you can make them into 2+2 or 3+1 tuners as well. Shaft diameter is 11mm, or about 7/16". As you can see in the photos, next to the base of the tuner, there is a wider flare that is 14.5mm wide, then the threads are about 12mm, then the shaft itself is 11mm.

    I emailed Grover directly about replacement bushings, and this was their response:

    I can include some painted Fender non-screw ferrules for $10 more if you would like. They may need to be repainted, but I can send you a photo if you're interested.

    I would like [DEL]$55 $50[/DEL] $45 shipped or best reasonable offer for these, or trade for a LEFTY GB7 Hipshot Xtender, or a righty Hipshot Xtender for my CV 50's P-Bass (BT2, or BT3?, help please :eyebrow: ), bass tremolo, MIDI gear, Firewire audio/MIDI interface, Badass II bridge, or whattaya got?

    (Edit: Updated photos)

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  2. Bump
  3. What's the shaft diameter, please...
  4. Updated info. The shaft diameter is 11mm. Check out the photos if you are unfamiliar with these. Next to the base of the tuner, there is a wider flare that is 14.5mm wide, then the threads are about 12mm.
  5. PM'd...
  6. PM returned
  7. Grover bump!

  8. Price-drop bump!
  9. A set just like these sold for $68 shipped on eBay, so I am lowering mine to $45 shipped to my TB brethren. Sunday they will go on eBay.
  10. Johnny Crab

    Johnny Crab HELIX user & BOSE Abuser

    Feb 11, 2004
    If they were chrome I'd buy them(got another oldie to restore/make playable).
    Bump for great tuners.
  11. You could always media blast them, disassemble them, then have them chromed. :D

    Thanks for the bump!
  12. One more bump before the 'bay. Make me a reasonable offer. :bassist:
  13. Now listed on eVil-Bay

  14. Bumpo
  15. Sold on eVil Bay. Blech!

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