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FS: Fulltone Bass Drive - Early Blue #363

Discussion in 'For Sale: Effects and Pedals' started by BigDBass, Jan 18, 2013.

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  1. BigDBass

    BigDBass PWIYB!

    Selling pedals that I'm not using but deserve to be used. Has sat on my gear shelf for several years.

    This is an early Fulltone Bass Drive, #363, made in August 2000 by Michael Fuller. Includes original box, sticker, and manual. Signed/dated by Michael Fuller. Has hook-side velcro applied.

    SOLD [DEL]Asking $210 via PayPal, including CONUS shipping.[/DEL]



  2. I have the same vintage BassDrive. I have tried so many different pedals but always come back to this one. It has a great mid presence that really stands out in the mix. GLWTS!
  3. BigDBass

    BigDBass PWIYB!

    Yup, it's great. If not for my [sfx] Red Dragon, I'd not let it go.
  4. Hi Dan!!
    I am interested in your early Fulltone Bass Drive #363!!
    Is it still available?
    Cheers - Robert
  5. BigDBass

    BigDBass PWIYB!

    Hi Robert,
    Thanks for your interest. While it is still available, I'd like to keep the transaction in the USA.
  6. Come on, Dan!! How about that: I pay 200$ and on top I will take over the costs for shipping it to Germany!! What do you think?
  7. Hey Dan!! Did you receive my last message including information about shipping possibilities? I sent it to you on Friday. Cheers - Robert
  8. BigDBass

    BigDBass PWIYB!

    Sold and headed to Germany. Thanks Robert for your tenacity! :)

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.