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FS: funky fretless jazz w/early '70s neck

Discussion in '[OLD FORUM] Bass Guitars, Amps, and Accessories: F' started by extreme, Mar 16, 2003.

  1. extreme


    Mar 20, 2000
    Okay, I've decided that fretless just isn't my thing. This bass was at one time the personal player of a certain luthier to Woogie Fritzmeyer (for you TBL dudes!).

    Here's a rundown:

    - early '70s 4-bolt Fender Jazz neck; professionally defretted and coated fingerboard; headstock has not been refinished

    - original Fender tuners still on the neck

    - mahogany body sandwiched between a burled maple top and bottom

    - EMG active pickups (battery route on the backside)

    - Schaller roller bridge

    - strung with fairly new Thomastik-Infeld jazz flats

    The mahogany gives this bass a really fat tone that I haven't really found in other jazz basses which makes it great for reggae or dub. Of course, if you run with the bridge pickup only and a little mid boost around 800 Hz you'll get plenty of mwah (ala Jaco).

    The neck is very straight and stable; there is plenty of truss rod adjustment left, but this thing's not moving. The body has some scratches and dings in it, but they're not very noticeable due to the wildly figured top.

    The bass will ship in a ratty hardshell case with most of the tolex ripped off. The latches work and it's functional - the bass will be protected! I'm asking $550...check the attached pic; I have more I can send via e-mail if you're interested.
  2. extreme


    Mar 20, 2000
    Here's a close-up of the body. I've had the pearl knobs on another bass for quite a while now, this fretless is currently sporting some chrome dome knobs.
  3. extreme


    Mar 20, 2000
    Here's the headstock...
  4. extreme


    Mar 20, 2000
    ...and a full shot of the back!
  5. Jeff Moote

    Jeff Moote Supporting Member

    Oct 11, 2001
    Beamsville, ON, Canada
    Wow! What a bass, and price. Good luck selling...
  6. extreme


    Mar 20, 2000
    bump...talk to me if you're at all interested in this bass! I'd keep it if I thought I could be a decent fretless player; it's definitely fun to play.