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FS Harley Stroker Shovelhead w/6 speed $6000

Discussion in 'For Sale: Other Stuff (Not bass related)' started by SOB H.R.MC, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. 1976 FXE , 92 cubic inch , Jim's Mach. 6 speed overdrive , FAST & RELIABLE ! Top end rebuilt in 2009 approx.1500 miles on rebuild
    Engine has stock Harley cases ,heads and cylinders , S&S 4.75 stroke flywheels,S&S supreme rods , S&S forged pistons( .070 over or 3.510 bore) , S&S oil pump , S&S shorty E carb ,Sifton 109 cam with solid lifters and is sealed up with Cometic gaskets
    The transmission is a Jim's Machine 6 speed overdrive for a 4 speed frame ($2750 retail)and I have the manufactuer's statement of origin and installation instructions .The clutch has Alto RED frictions ,5 and 52 hub kit and aluminum pressure plate .The starter is an Ultima High Torque and the charging system is a 32 amp with a "no tear out rotor", a solid engine sprocket (no compensator) and a new primary chain
    The frame is stock Harley with a 84 - 92 wide glide front end with the reflecter boss's machined off , wideglide bobbed rear fender , 5 gallon fatbob tanks with screw in caps and a Pingle petcock,chrome wraparound oil tank ,sealed AGM battery , spoked rims (150 series tire on back and a 21 inch front rim with a narrow glide hub), GMA rear caliper , FL style handle bars , 82-93 controls with hidden wiring and CLEAR TITLE ! The bike looks good from 20 feet but the paint is 15 years old and has chips , dings and dents and the chrome is pitted and peeling on the swingarm and transmission , the nosecone and outer primary cover have pitting ,the pipes were painted black and the seat has tears . I have never been into show bikes, I would rather RIDE than CLEAN!This bike is great for stoplight to stoplight (1st thru 3rd gear are super low raitio)or crusing the country side(6th gear is great for running 100+mph) I have owend this bike since 1994 and because of financial reasons I regrettably have to sell it to get caught up on my mortgage
    Call or text 262-818-4744 after 2 PM

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