FS: Hartke 3500, GK MB150E, Nightbass SE, Hartke 2x10

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  1. bluegreenturtle


    Mar 15, 2003
    For sale:

    Hartke 3500 350 watt amp, perfect condition, always rackmounted, rarely used: $300

    GK MB150E - excellent tiny compact amp with crazy number of inputs and outputs, built in chorus, etc: $350 Please note this is the tiny head unit that is being offered for sale - NOT the combo 12" speaker model which is a MB150-112E.

    Hartke 2x10 Transporter - very light cabinet, super portable, aluminum cones: $150

    SGX Nightbass Studio Edition Mulit-Effects, perfect condition, always rackmounted. $250

    4 space rack, perfect condition, with both locking ends, $75, FREE if you buy both rack units. Discounted if you buy 1.


    Also I have sales pending on the following 2 items, but they haven't gone through yet - contact me if interested:

    !!!!SOLD!!!! Trace Elliot 2103H (2x10 plus attunable horn) Cabinet - Pre-Gibson, imported from England, perfect condition, $400 !!!SOLD!!!!

    Trace Elliot 1153 (1x15) Cabinet, same as above but $350 (the horn makes the other more expensive), perfect condition.
  2. bluegreenturtle


    Mar 15, 2003