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FS: Heavily modified MTD Heir5, Nitro finish, Hipshot HW, new pickups

Discussion in 'For Sale: Europe & International' started by Margus Alviste, Mar 22, 2009.

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  1. Hi! I am selling all my basses except WTs. This time there's a wonderful bass from MTD - the heavily modified Heir 5 for sale.
    This bass is made in Korea but it has been refinished. It has a thin Baby Blue Nitro finish now. When the original finish was strip down the bass started to sing almost like an US made MTD. It was really a big difference.
    I also changed the tuners to US Hipshot Ultralites and bridge to Hipshot A-Style. All the harware is Golden except the knobs.
    The pickups are hand wound by a local master builder Halvo Liivam├Ągi and they sound loud and clear even without active preamp (in fact people don't believe that this bass is passive). There is always possibility (and place) to install the preamp though.
    This bass has the best B-string in my collection.
    I have invested more than 600 EUR into that bass. The original cost was 799 EUR. It is much better than the US made Fenders I've tried.
    The bass is in Tallinn.

    A SPECIAL SALES PRICE FOR THE COMING WEEK - 750 EUR. The buyer pays for the shipping.
  2. Still for sale!
    I just played it yesterday against my friend's expensive boutique Jazz bass. And we both had to agree that my Heir 5 played and sounded better than his 3K Jazz bass. Amazing what some mods can do to a relatively cheap bass.
  3. Lots of interest but still available!

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