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  1. Selling my Artcore. Comes with a case, the case is meant for deeper acoustics but i made it work with a towel and a block of foam. the bass is excellend condition (only giged once) the only thing that isn't stock it the strap buttons were replaced with black ones (i had straplocks on it and lost the originals)
    Currently strung with Rotosound Black Nylon Tape wound strings... sounds awesome (like a hollowbody should)

    Here's the info straight from ibanez

    *Artcore Bass neck
    *3pc. Maple/ Mahogany Neck Material
    *Maple top/ sides/back Body
    *22/Medium frets
    *Rosewood Finger Board
    *Gibraltar III Bass bridge
    *ACHB 1 Neck PU
    *Pearl Dot Inlay
    *CH : Hardware Color

    $250 price includes shipping and paypal

  2. b to the ump
  3. reduced price
  4. sold
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