SOLD FS Ibanez SRMS806

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    I am looking to re-home my beloved Ibanez SRMS806 bass. It has served me well the last couple of years but I need to sell it to find a custom build from a local luthiery.

    It plays well but has acquired some injuries as I gigged with it regularly. The two major ones are a chip in the headstock finish and the battery box cover broke off. I have had trouble sourcing a replacement part from Ibanez and have taken to using gaffers tape to keep the battery in place as a result. I will add more images later this evening.

    My asking price is 800 shipped OBO, it will ship in a Gator hardshell case. 4090E644-ED19-4FEE-BA05-44492C196B1A.jpeg

    You can see the damage to the headstock in this image near the B string
    I am not interested in trades at this time.
    Serious inquiries only please.
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  2. PM sent!
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