FS: IKEA Gorm Pedalboard

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  1. 19.5" x 12" x 1.5" with hook side Velcro installed. I put one or two coats of I believe semi-transparent stain on it. Just a cheap sample size from Home Depot's "oops paint" section. Nothing fancy. It has some cat hair mixed with carpet fibers stuck to the Velcro. Not too much. Just cover it up with pedals! It's just been collecting dust since I bought a Pedaltrain. IKEA no longer makes the Gorm shelving units so you can't make these anymore, unless they still have some at your local store of course.

    $10 local pickup only in Minneapolis. I'm not going to ship this because shipping would be more than its worth (unless you really want it of course).

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  2. If it was a tad bigger I'd be all over it! Bummer.
  3. Nooooooooo-570x426.jpg
  4. That's what she said!

    Hehe sorry I had to. Nice and simple board bump.
  5. Where are you in Minneapolis? I might be interested in it as a backup board...
  6. I live in the Marcy Holmes neighborhood, just across the Hennepin ave bridge from downtown. If you wanna get it today, I'm free now until 12:15 and then again after 5:15 tonight
  7. Bump!