FS: Kawai FIIB Alembic Clone! Maple Top.

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  1. Up for Sale: Beautiful Kawai FIIB. This is the famous Alembic close. Some guys call this "The poor man's Alembic", but don't be fooled, there is nothing cheap about this bass. Here is the info from the Kawai site.

    FIIB - Neck-though bass with active electronics. The through-neck is 5 pc. laminated Maple and Mahogany with a 22 fret Rosewood fingerboard. The bodies were 3 pc. laminated Maple/Maple, Mahogany/Maple, Maple/Koa and Maple/Zebra. There were also a small number of FIIB basses that came in Black, Pearl White and Candy Apple Red. In the early 1990's, FIIB basses became the FIIB110KS and were available only with a Maple/Koa body although other finishes were available in Japan. Other changes included the elimination of the heavy brass bridge in favor of a Schaller 3-D4 bridge with the strings attaching at the end of the bridge rather than coming through the body as before. The electronics remained the same on all FIIB basses. The pickups are a Kawai design P-Bass type with built-in pre-amps and require a 9 volt battery for each. The pre-amps control the "tone character" switches for each pickup. In the center position the bass is essentially "flat." The other two switch positions provide combinations of cut and boost at various frequencies. The amount of cut and boost and the frequencies are set by the factory and can not be changed as the pickup is sealed. The tone controls are passive. Most FIIB basses have a traditional 3-way toggle pickup selector although, some early 1985 and 1986 FIIBs used a 3-way rotary pickup selector.

    This perticular bass has a maple top with a slight flame to it. The neck feels very much like a Ric to me. The pickups have a ton of growl and bite to them, but can mellow out to the classic P type tones. The brass bridge as a slight bit of discolorization to it, but it's purely cosmetic.

    $600 Shipped anywhere in the continental US. No international shipping.

    Accepting Trades: Looking for a Musicman Stingray 4H or 4HH. Rosewood neck perfered.

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  5. Sleepwalker42

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    Dec 30, 2008
    What's the nut width on this?
  6. 1 5/8" .. Its a great feeling bass.
  7. Agreed, one of the best necks you'll ever find. I have two.
  8. jumbodbassman


    Dec 28, 2009
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    Born Again Tubey
    +1 on the neck love mine.
  9. kawaib4


    Mar 23, 2008
    Hi, very interested. Can you comment on the frets as far as wear. Any need to be filed or reconditioned. I assume there has to be wear as its an older bass, but wondering the overall fret condition. Thanks Bob
  10. And SOLD!!! Thanks for looking everyone!

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