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  1. BluesyCat

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    Jul 28, 2006
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    For sale only / no trades:
    Korg PX4B Bass Multi-Effects Processor in great condition! Works perfectly. Needs a good home! I am the original owner and I have all original packaging & manual as shown in the photo.

    $65, USPS Priority Mail included. Conus. PayPal.




    copied from Instrument pro.com:

    The PX4B comes loaded with ten different bass amp models that emulate everything from vintage standards to today's popular models. Each model faithfully reproduces every sonic detail of the original amp, including warm fat tube sounds and crystal clear tones. The cabinet effect models the acoustic characteristics of a variety of speaker cabinets- a real advantage when you're recording direct. You can even select different speaker sizes (10, 12, 15, and 18 inch), for a wider variety of low-end sounds.

    Amp-like Operation

    Ten of the most commonly used modeling amp types can be quickly accessed by a dedicated dial. Tone control knobs are also provided for bass, middle, and treble adjustments. This makes editing operations just as easy as if you were using a conventional bass amp. A value dial lets you make immediate changes to the effect types or parameter values, while a Tap button allows you to set delay times and rhythm tempos.

    High Quality Modeling Effects

    The PX4B is packed with more modeling effects than ever before, including a wide variety of compressor/limiter, modulation and ambient effects. These include a popular filter-type auto wah, a fretless effect that simulates the characteristic sound of a fretless bass, a ring modulation effect that changes in response to your playing, and newly developed reverb effects that produce unique spatial treatments. The PX4B even has an effect that simulates feedback , which is usually only possible during high volume level performances. An analog synth effect reproduces the resonance sound of an analog synth, and a rotary effect changes speed in response to your playing. A preamp effect models active electronics built into your instrument, which changes a passive-signal into an active signal sound.

    A Total of 100 Programs

    The PX4B is jam packed with 50 preset programs suitable for fingered, slapped, and picked style playing. These include 10 programs created by legendary bassist Stu Hamm. You can create and store 50 of your own user programs, giving you immediate access to a total of 100 programs. Each program can also use up to seven effects simultaneously.

    Rhythm Patterns for Practice or for Demo Production

    100 rhythm patterns are included, ranging from rock, jazz, funk and blues, to todays dance music. You can practice improvisation or scales using dynamic rhythms that use high quality PCM sound sources. And, up to eight patterns can be chained together to build different rhythm groupings - a great way to produce simple demos or practice tracks.

    Phrase Trainer Function to Assist Practicing and Learning

    With the PX4B's Phrase Trainer you can record up to 32 seconds of an external source such as a CD or even your own playing. You can then play back the phrase at different speeds, while maintaining the original pitch. And, you can even loop the phrase for repeated playback. This Phrase Trainer function provides a convenient way to check your own playing or learn phrases from CDs or other recorded materials. You can also record a phrase while using an internal rhythm pattern, and then improvise over it.

    A Variety of Functions to Enhance your Playing

    An AUX IN jack lets you connect a CD player or similar device. You can then use the Bass Canceller function to eliminate the bass from the song you want to play along with. There is also a Key Transpose function which lets you change the pitch up or down in a range of one octave. So, even if a song was recorded with a semitone-dropped tuning, you can play along without having to re-tune your own bass. A semi-transparent LCD is used to ensure that effect and program names and settings are easy to read, making all of the advanced functionality more user friendly. An infrared wireless transmitter is also built-in, so you can concentrate on your playing without being tied down by cables.


    Effect Section:
    Effects: 122 effect types, 7 simultaneously effects
    Programs: 50 Preset, 50 User programmable
    Rhythm Section:
    Style: 100 Types
    Tempo Range: 40-208 B.P.M.
    Calibration: A=438-445Hz
    Tuner Detection Range: 27.5Hz - 2,093Hz (A0-C7)
    Inputs: Bass input (1/4" jack), AUX IN (stereo mini jack)
    Outputs: Stereo phone jack: Line/headphone dual-purpose output
    Infrared Transmitter: Frequency modulation type, Carrier frequency (right/left), 2.8MHz/2.3MHz
    Power Supply: Four AAA alkaline batteries
    Allows 10 hours of continuous use with the infrared transmitter OFF and backlight OFF.
    Allows 5 hours of continuous use with the infrared transmitter ON and backlight OFF.
    Separately sold AC adapter
    Dimensions: 2.99" Wide x 4.41" Deep x 1.06" High 76(W)x112(D)x27(H)mm
    Weight: 0.3 lbs./138g (Not including batteries)
    Included Accessories: Four AAA alkaline batteries, Strap Holder
    Options: AC adapter (KA193)
  2. BluesyCat

    BluesyCat I'm irresistible. Gold Supporting Member

    Jul 28, 2006
    Southern California
    Staff: Bass Gear Magazine
    Now $65
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  4. BluesyCat

    BluesyCat I'm irresistible. Gold Supporting Member

    Jul 28, 2006
    Southern California
    Staff: Bass Gear Magazine
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