SOLD FS - Lakland 55-02 Deluxe, Cherry Burst, Rosewood

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by MJT, Mar 22, 2011.

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  1. MJT

    MJT Supporting Member

    Feb 24, 2011
    Roanoke, VA
    Price reduced *** Lakland 55-02 Deluxe ***
    875 shipped (conus) - paypal

    Rare cherry burst, quilted top, rosewood, Lakland pickups.

    This as a tone monster. It is truly unbelievable - a deep and wide spectrum of tone options. 35" scale, tight B, piano-like clarity.

    The bass is in near perfect condition save for two very minor issues:
    * On the neck, between the 5th and 6th frets there is a 3/8 inch dent. (it was highlighted for the pics and then cleaned) I don't notice it when playing but it is there.
    - Also, there are dunlop strap locks on it - the screw on the bottom one is stripped and thus that strap lock is loose - works fine and the screw is in plenty far, it's not gonna drop the bass. The felt washer is still there so the loose strap lock is not damaging the bass at all. Obviously, that can be taken care of pretty easily.

    Head stock - perfect; back and front of body - perfect; neck - perfect*; bridge and hipshot tuners - perfect; strung with near new Fodero diamond series nickel rounds (extra long, through the body).

    The cherry burst and quilted top is beautiful as is the transparent red and wood grain on the back side.

    This is by far the best bass I've ever played. I know it's subjective but when I moved from a Fender J IV to this, it was OMG good. Very playable for me and it was my first 5'er.
    I would not sell but I've fallen prey to another Lakland 55 which is arriving in short order.

    Comes with padded gig bag and it will be packed very securely, shipped FedEx.

    I am relatively new to the board with great feedback thus far. I live by the golden rule and will ship the bass with great care and solid protection.

    Pictures by mxt0003 - Photobucket

    Welcome to Lakland
  2. KaseOfBass

    KaseOfBass Put some stank on it... Supporting Member

    Jan 8, 2007
    Austin, Texas
    Endorsing Artist: GHS Strings
    Well, was lookin' for maple, but...

    PM sent.
  3. MJT

    MJT Supporting Member

    Feb 24, 2011
    Roanoke, VA
    Sold to the long, tall Texan. Rock on, brother!
  4. rayzak


    Jan 13, 2001
    Louisville, KY
    Nice TX!! Funny, I just saw this identical bass on VH1. The bass player for Steve Miller was playing it during a live performance of Rock n Me. Sounded amazing and looked killer up on stage! Nice score, nice deal. Congrats!!
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