SOLD FS: Lakland 55-02

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  1. I am the original owner of this 55-02. In very good condition. The bass is ~4 years old. I used it in rehearsal a few times, but otherwise has remained in my house. I just haven't had time to play bass recently (as you can see from my activity on TB).

    This is the model that was released with the LH3 preamp and Lakland pickups. I am including:

    - Dunlop strap locks
    - Comfy Strap
    - Levis gig bag.

    Price is $950 shipped in the CONUS. Payment via Paypal. You can look at my feedback, I've sold lots of basses and things here.

    5O2A1945.jpg by adamlm, on Flickr

    5O2A1944.jpg by adamlm, on Flickr

    5O2A1937.jpg by adamlm, on Flickr

    5O2A1933.jpg by adamlm, on Flickr

    5O2A1932.jpg by adamlm, on Flickr

    5O2A1929.jpg by adamlm, on Flickr

    5O2A1927.jpg by adamlm, on Flickr
  2. price drop before up on ebay and CL.
  3. SOLD.
  4. PM Sent

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