FS Lakland Skyline 44-01 Fretless - Black

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  1. Mint Fretless Skyline 4 string bass. I played it maybe 10 times, it sounds great, but I just needed a 5 string, and haven't played this one since. You can see the specs here http://www.lakland.com/basses/44-01.htm, the only difference with the ones in the pictures is the color, as this one is black.

    The fingerboard is ebony.

    This is a great bass, it plays absolutely amazingly and sounds awesome for the price !

    It has new strings, comes with a gig bag and a set of Elixir Polyweb strings new in their original packaging.

    I'm asking for (650$) now 550$, and for your info, I payed this bass 1075 Canadian, that is 925 US at today's rate, and I have only played it for one month, that is until the infamous Ibanez GWB1 invaded my bass world.

    No more trades, I just bought a G&L L-2500

    So I have been made aware of the price you can get this new in the United States. I am lowering my price down to 550$, since I consider the instrument new, and that includes a new set of strings and a gig bag (there are new strings on the bass too, but the elixir set on the side is untouched), which are a 70$ value.
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    so what are you asking for it? you say pay by paypal, but have no asking price. :D
  3. Hello! Does it have a maple or rosewood fingerboard?
  4. Actually, it's ebony. It's a lined fretless, lines seem to be white plastic.

    It plays superbly and sounds great, but I need a 5 string fretted bass...
  5. I played this bass last week and it's pretty sweet! If I didn't already have a fretless F I'd buy it in a second!
  6. Bumped with a new price