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SOLD FS: Lakland Skyline Deluxe 44-02 (Three Tone Sunburst)

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by DinnerWithAGypsy, Nov 2, 2013.

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  1. Up for sale (only) is my Lakland Skyline Deluxe 44-02!

    What a great bass and one that has served me well over the years. I bought it used here through TalkBass I believe about 4 years ago, give or take.

    Playability: This bass plays like an absolute dream! End of story. The neck feels like butter. (YMMV, obviously)

    Electronics: This baby has the Lakland pickups in it and I'm pretty sure the Lakland LH3 preamp as well, with the adjustable dipswitches inside the control cavity to determine the center frequency of the Mid control. The knob controls are Master Volume, Blend, Mid +/-, Bass +/-, Treble +/-, and a switch to take advantage of the coil-tapping abilities of the rear, MM-style bridge pickup. This bass has a truly wide range of tones, largely in thanks to the multiple pickup configurations available due to the rear pickup's versatility. The preamp's EQ is incredibly powerful, too. A little bump in the Bass, for example, makes a big difference! Oh, and you can pull one of the knobs to run the bass passive, too (I believe it's either the Mid or Volume knob).

    Cosmetics: While there are no serious dings or divots on the bass, this bass has definitely been played and shows obvious signs of normal, gigging-bass wear, i.e., lots of scratches (although virtually none that you can feel as you pass your finger over them) and some swirling in the finish, particularly on the back of the body where the bass rests against your stomach.

    The particular areas I would like to highlight (which I tried to capture in the photos below), just in the interest of full disclosure, are as follows:
    1) There are one or two minor chips/dings up at the top of the headstock.
    2) There are two miniscule cracks on the body of the bass, both around the neck pocket of the instrument. They haven't grown since I've had the bass, and I've attempted to capture a photo of each. Again, they are incredibly small, although they are the only two visible scratches on the bass that you can actually feel with your finger as you run it over them (that I'm aware of).
    3) There is a visible, black-ish finish imperfection on the front of the bass's body. I'm not even really sure what it is (and, again, it is pictured below), but it is very small.

    Overall, I would give this bass an overall rating of 8/10 cosmetically, although such ratings are really pretty arbitrary. :rolleyes:

    Price: [DEL]$900[/DEL] [DEL]$850 shipped[/DEL] SOLD via PayPal to the lower 48 states of the CON. USA. Comes with a Lakland/Levy's gig bag. There are Schaller strap lock buttons on the bass.

    Feel free to post any questions here in this thread or PM me, whichever you prefer. I will be posting pictures very shortly! Thanks.
  2. kshipley1

    kshipley1 Supporting Member

    Nov 22, 2010
    Hi, great bass. I assume the minuscule cracks you show are in the finish only? Thx
  3. I'm not 100% sure how to definitively tell, but I'm almost certain the answer is yes. They seem entirely negligible to me, but I wanted to be fully transparent! :)

    Thanks for the interest/question!
  4. fuzzychaos

    fuzzychaos Supporting Member

    Mar 17, 2008
    Nice bass, I really miss the 44-02 I had. I wish that Sony laptop of mine would sell...:crying:
  5. Maybe if/when it does, this baby will still be here. :)

    As of right now, she's still available!
  6. Bump for a great bass.
  7. Thanks, Alex! :D

    Sunday afternoon bump!
  8. TTT
  9. Sold...:bassist:
  10. Sold locally to Big_Kidd! Thanks everyone for the interest.

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