FS Levy's black leather/nylon strap, Intellitouch PT10 tuner, (4) old Daka-Ware knobs

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  1. Levy's 2" wide leather/nylon strap, used but in great shape, good 'broken in' feel. Black leather front and ends, black nylon backing. I'm not sure of the Levy's model number.
    [del]Asking $18 shipped in the 48 States.[/del]
    EDIT: SOLD to agent77

    Intellitouch PT10 clip-on tuner, used but in great shape. I prefer my Boss TU-2 but some people love these clip-on tuners. Packaged as shown with manual and battery (used a bit but still good).
    [del]Asking $18 shipped in the 48 States.[/del]
    EDIT: SOLD to roadrunner

    (4) old Daka-Ware branded chickenhead knobs, not sure if they're plastic, bakelite, etc. They're about 60 years old and were pulled from a late '40's phonograph/reel-to-reel unit. Dark brown, aged white, good condition overall but obviously showing their age, the indicator ends are a bit chipped up like the leftmost knob pictured. Fit a 1/4" shaft of any style I've tried, flathead screw for tightening. Great for a vintage instrument, amp, swap 'em onto your pedals, etc. Do something cool with 'em!
    Asking $10 shipped in the 48 States.

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    I'll take the tuner
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