FS: line 6 bass POD effects unit

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  1. http://www.line6.com/productpage.asp?productID=24

    Asking around: 200

    I bought this about 8 months ago new at a daddy's music store for $350 to use for a recording project I did in school. I had already wanted it so I decided it was the perfect time to buy it. This has never been gigged with, only used for a school project, my room, and for a track on my friend's demo cd. It is in perfect condition, there are no scratches. I am selling it because I found I haven't used it in a long time due to other bass gear I've been playing with, plus I need money for a new bass im planning on buying. PM me if interested, I can also get pics but it might take a little while, I only want to do the pictures if there is a seriously interested buyer.

    thanks for looking

    Also, I have a 2 month old ESP ltd m 101 guitar, bought new. I've only used it for band practices and my room. Im asking around 175 shipped for it because it is brand new. I am selling it also because I've found I like bass a whole lot better and it will help me with new bass money

    PM me or reply :bassist: