FS: Malekko Omicron Phase, Saturnworks Bass Blender/Booster, LovePedal Gen 5 Echo

Discussion in 'For Sale: Effects and Pedals' started by Kazoo_Legend, Aug 7, 2013.

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  1. I've got 3 pedals leftover from my recent board transformation for you to finish it off. All prices include shipping in the CONUS o' A. ALL PEDALS SOLD

    [DEL]1. Malekko Omicron Phase, Newest Version- $85- Don't let the size fool you! This puppy booted off (after it was all said and done) a MXR Block 45, EHX Small Stone Classic, and the huge Pigtronix EP-2. Just got a Strymon Mobius soooo.........here's this. http://malekkoheavyindustry.com/product/phase-2/[/DEL] Sold.

    [DEL]2. Saturnworks Bass Blender/Booster- $75- After shipping a paypal fees, I'll be getting less than half back than what I paid for it. I had Bryan of SW add Tone and Contour/Body controls for added tonal options. Built with the same quality as more expensive blenders in good ol' Davis, CA. Controls from left to right: Boost Volume-Tone-Contour-Blend. http://saturnworkspedals.com/shop/utilities/looper

    Best in-tune-virtuoso-guitar-playing video ever: [/DEL] SOLD

    [DEL]Usually, I'd trade for for just about any pedal and pack of skittles, but I'm right around the corner from getting a Timeline or Timefactor so these are for sale only unless said pedals are being offered.[/DEL] Fine, bartering.......go.

  2. Bump. Now entertaining the usual random trade offers.
  3. mXSZ0ap.gif
  4. LovePedal Sold.
  5. Paypal sent for Saturnworks blender!
  6. SW Blender sold.
  7. All gone.
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