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  1. Need to raise some cash to help cover a $2200 tax bill and a major car repair that will also cost about $2200! :crying: I don't really want to sell my favorite rig but I'm not gigging at the moment. So I have for sale a Markbass Little Mark III head in great shape. Works perfectly and is fine cosmetic shape with only minor wear. $355 shipped in the US. Also selling a pair of GK 112 Neo cabs:
    No trades.

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  2. Bump.
    This is a great head for the money! Very clean sounding and loud!
    I really don't want to part with it because it is my favorite of the many amps I have owned over the years. But I need the cash!
  3. Would really like to get this sold on TB so I don't have to but it up on Fleabay! How about $355 shipped?
  4. SOLD!

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