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FS: Mesa Boogie Walkabout Head $500 Shipped

Discussion in 'For Sale: Amps, Preamps, and Cabinets' started by slapstick13, Nov 25, 2013.

  1. slapstick13


    Feb 5, 2010
    Selling my Walkabout head. I bought it from a fellow tb'er, its in great condition. Has a few scratches on the top from putting it in a case but otherwise in great condition and no issues. This one has the upgraded fan. Amazing head, Im only selling it because I'm going back to an all tube head.

    $500 shipped CONUS.

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  2. jnewmark

    jnewmark Supporting Member

    Aug 31, 2006
    Stax 1966
    Play guitar.
    any idea of what year this is ? Original tube ?
  3. Willy B

    Willy B Supporting Member

    Aug 30, 2013
    Raleigh, NC
  4. slapstick13


    Feb 5, 2010
    Sorry to anyone that reached out, I've decided to keep this. Bought an SVT-CL thinking Id be in love......ended up liking the walkabout tone better!!!! And obviously the weight of the WA didnt hurt my decision either. But man the tone was so darn close, and I felt the Walkabout had cleaner lows than the SVT i picked up, I just couldn't part with it.