FS: Michael Kelly Dragonfly Fretless

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  1. SOLD 1/29/13 - for 375.00


    Up for grabs is a fretless 5-string Michael Kelly acoustic/electric bass in smokeburst quilted maple. It's a beautiful, beautiful bass with a vine style abalone & pearl inlay the length of the rosewood fretboard, as well as an abalone & pearl inlay around the sound hole.

    A little bit of buckle rash but otherwise in very good condition.
    Comes with a hardshell case, feedback suppressor and wide vinyl strap.

    This is a great way to fine tune your fretless chops without plugging in

    I am selling this bass for [DEL]$500 [/DEL] price dropped to $375 +shipping.

    There is a new addition in the home...I don't need the bass, but I need the room!




    I don't know how those guys get a good photo of the action and straightness of the neck, but here is my best shot...neck is straight :)


    view looking down the neck - no grooves on the fretboard


    buckle rash - I am honest man :)





  2. christw

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    I want to be Tesla (tinkerer at Dayton Amp Co)
    If only it were natural wood or sunburst... ;)
  3. blastoff99


    Dec 17, 2011
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    ^^^ Yeah, but it's the quilty stuff. Really nice in person. The photos... suck. :)
  4. Bongokid


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    Where'd you get them socks? Been looking for a pair like that!
  5. Sorry...I really suck at this apparently, and every time I go in to work I go "D'oh! I was supposed to take some better pictures" :(

    T-Shirt store. You know the one :)
  6. Good morning talkbass - I have updated the description and added a new picture to the OP!

    The baby's crib is going to go where this bass used to be - act now!
  7. as always, talkbass gets first dibs, but she's going to craigslist today
  8. bump - local deal no bueno, still up for grabs. Make me an offer
  9. got a PM - on hold pending payment
  10. sold - 375.00