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FS Mics: Royer, Shure, Earthworks

Discussion in 'For Sale: Other Stuff (Not bass related)' started by HooBass, Aug 18, 2012.

  1. HooBass


    May 27, 2003
    Asking prices are below. If you'd like to buy everything I'll make a deal for you, or pick and choose below. All prices shipped and PayPal'ed (US continental only -- sorry! -- see note below).

    References: I've sold here on TalkBass (although a while ago) and can refer to very recent feedback on The Gear Page, and (although quite a while ago) eBay. I will want to speak with you over the phone and am happy to share more info.

    Will not be interested in any trades.
    We'll exchange contact info to hear more details. My preference is for us to speak over the phone.
    Will only ship to the buyer's confirmed PayPal address. Selling only to buyers who are located in the continental US and will have item shipped to confirmed address in continental US, and payment from US address. Item will ship once funds have been received.

    • $900 Royer R-121 Ribbon mic (great for recording electric guitars, including LOUD amps!).
    • $350 Shure KSM44 studio mic, shock mount, clip, pouch, and flight case
    • $450 AKG Drum Set Special mics, full set (D112, 3 C418, and 1 C419), with flight case and clips.
    • $150 AKG Drum Set Special mics, partial set (D112 and 1 C419 only), with flight case.
    • $225 Earthworks TC25 omni condenser mic – will include case for DK25R drum kit package.
    • $75 Black mic road case to carry multiple mics and accessories
    • $65 Shure SM58
    • $100 each: 2 Shure Beta 87
    Condition: All mics have been tested and work fine. Cases work fine with all latches working as they should. For loose Shure and Audix OM7 mics – unfortuantely I have run out of pouches and associated mic clips, so the ones that remain as of this writing don't have pouches or clips. A few mics have color coded stickers on them (easily removed).

    See pics of all mics and extras at http://s193.photobucket.com/albums/z...r/Microphones/





    Note the following were sold before I placed this ad, but are in some of the pix:
    AUDIX DP-3 drum mic package
    Audix OM7 mics
    Audix TR-040 test and recording mics
    Shure Beta 87A
    Shure Beta 57A
    Shure SM57s
  2. HooBass


    May 27, 2003
    bump for lowered prices

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