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  1. For sale is a mid to late '70s Fender Precision neck that I'm calling good for a little project... it came off a FrankenPrecision composed of vintage wood and some replaced parts. (Search here on TalkBass for some of my other threads with more info and pictures.)

    Functionally, this neck is fine. I had it set up with nice low, even action and it felt great. Nut width is 1.75". The frets don't have much wear at all and are what I'd consider healthy. The truss rod works correctly and is responding but is 'in' the neck heel by about 3/16". I took the truss end off and took a look inside to see if there are any washers or spacers -- there aren't, so you could always space it out a bit if you'd like. It was set up and playing extremely well so there isn't an immediate need, though. It was drilled for vintage-style reverse tuners which were on it when I got it in addition to the original holes and another set of single holes...

    The headstock has been repainted in candy apple red and it's not a good job as there's cracking, uneven finish, and chipping starting to occur. The nut was replaced with what looks like a Graph Tech nut and the paint was run right up to the nut. I don't know what's up with that shallow pocket near where a strap button might be located but it's there whether we like it or not. There is lacquer up on the frets and I'm not sure if that's original or the result of a re-spray or overspray. There aren't any numbers or stampings visible on the butt end of the neck but there's an 'H GASTELUM' stamp on the back of the neck and that's good.

    Check the pictures for an idea of the fret and fretboard wear as well as the nicks and dings on the backside of the neck. There's one or two good 'thunks' that you can feel a bit while playing but it's not bad at all. There's discoloration on the fretboard and some lacquer cracking on the backside of the neck around the first position but it's authentic mojo!

    Strip the headstock, toss on a nice vintage decal, clean her up a bit, and have fun!

    EDIT: SOLD to zacmac, thanks!
    [del]Asking $200 shipped in the 48 States, US sale only please.[/del] The neck will be packed carefully and securely, and I'll ship it out USPS Standard Post or UPS Ground depending on cost and how close you are. PM me with any questions or picture requests and thanks for looking!
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    With a 1.75 neck and small frets, its either an 80's 57 ri neck or an official fender replacement neck. With that spot on the headstock, I'm guessing someone popped out the emblem that said "official fender neck" from a replacement.
  3. ooh, interesting. thanks for the info! i hadn't considered that there might have been an emblem where that spot is.

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