FS: Mighty Mite Hi Mass Bridge - Black - Spector Like

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  1. Philthy

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    Jun 12, 2001
    Wallington, NJ
    I'm selling an almost new Mighty Mite 4 string black Hi-Mass bass bridge (model # MM1204 - see www.mightymite.com for more details & specs). It's similar looking to those Spector bass bridges but the saddles are held on with srews and springs so it's easier to intonate like a standard bridge. The reason I say almost new is because I just bought it last week, tried to install it on my bass but it wasn't the correct bridge for my bass. I did, however, strip 2 of the screw heads but I replaced them with 2 new screws which I painted the heads black to match the screws that came with the bridge (see pic). I bought this bridge for $57 new and it's only a week old. So, my loss is your gain.

    $30 plus shipping and it's yours. Shipping should only be about $3 to $5 tops.

    If interested, email me at philfragale@optonline.net