FS: Mighty Mite P5 Neck & Squier Tuners

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  1. Mighty Mite #2920 neck for five string P bass with a painted (and easy to strip) headstock. I bought it for a project I never completed; it was mounted once and never played on. The tuners were never installed, so the only holes are the stock tuner holes. The Mighty Mite website shows the 2920 as a five in line, but this one isn't. $75 shipped.SOLD!

    The tuners are from a Squier, and were purchased "as new" off of EvilBay for more than I'm asking. $20 shipped.SOLD!

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  2. coronado3

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    Jun 29, 2008
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    I'm interested in the neck... What's the nut width?
  3. DWBass

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    I have the same neck on a custom bass. The nut is pretty wide. Definitely like a P-Bass. I can't measure as I just loaned it out to the builder.
  4. The nut measures exactly 2.006 inches using my Harbor Freight MIC caliper, so 2 inches.

    It's a pretty nice neck and actually licensed by Fender (FWIW) so it's a direct replacement supposedly. And it's 34" scale. I forgot to mention that earlier but I figured it was a given. :smug:
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    For information purposes, these necks fit the old Squier ProTone 5 P Bass, the old Squier P 5 that had two J pickups and the current Squier Active Jazz Deluxe 5. All of these are designed for 19mm spacing at the bridge. The standard Squier J 5's are designed for 18mm and are a bit narrower at the heel, I am pretty sure. That said, I love these necks and have used them on several project basses.

  6. I mounted it on a MIM Jazz five string with minimal neck pocket enlargement required and a Hipshot A bridge, approx. 19 mm. Never got around to stringing it up though. It feels like a really nice neck with a relatively shallow front to back profile.

    Somebody buy this. The photo looks dusty, but that's metallic charcoal gray.
  7. Both the neck and tuners have been sold. Thread open until payment is received.

    Thanks for looking!

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