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FS - Mighty Mouse and 1st Gen iPod Shuffle

Discussion in 'For Sale: Other Stuff (Not bass related)' started by Johnny Alien, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. Johnny Alien

    Johnny Alien Supporting Member

    Jan 24, 2003
    Harrisburg, PA, USA
    I have the following:

    1. Mighty Mouse - I haven't used this for awhile but it worked fine the last time I used it. I will send it with some fresh batteries. Sold as is but like I said should be fine. It's in very good shape. Looks almost new. $25 shipped (please note this is the mighty mouse NOT the magic mouse)

    2. 1st Gen iPod Shuffle - This is the half gig model. The first gen was the white stick of gum sized one. I picked this up because audiophiles said that they had the best sound quality of all of the iPods. After checking it out I can say that it does indeed sound amazing. I don't however really have a need for this. It has some slight wear but overall in very good shape. I can ship it with some new Apple headphones (they are unwrapped but never used) for $25 or with no headphones for $20 shipped. They do sound alot better than the new shuffles.
  2. Johnny Alien

    Johnny Alien Supporting Member

    Jan 24, 2003
    Harrisburg, PA, USA
    The mouse is gone. iPod still available.
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