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SOLD FS Mike Lull M5 Trans Black , MINT, Super Light!!

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by RockBoxBass, Apr 15, 2009.

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  1. RockBoxBass

    RockBoxBass Supporting Member

    Well...Im ordering another Nordy and somethings got to go. This is a mint condition M5.Not a scratch. Quilt top, swamp ash body , birdseye board. This bass is SUPER light and weighs in at 7.8lbs on my br scale!!!!!!!!!!!! It has the Basslines singles and the Bart 3 band eq with a push/pull for the mids and an active/passive switch. This growls for days. The Trans Black is difficult to photograph and is stunning in person. This will fit in any situation from rock to gospel. It comes with the killer Protec case. $1750 shipped OBO. no trades at all, Im only selling this because i need cash!! Postal Money order preferred. USA sales ONLY. sorry.....

  2. zachbass02

    zachbass02 One Hairy....squatch.

    Jan 3, 2005
    Nashville, TN
    ahhh dude....you suck! post something like this and I'm broke. you're moving some really sweet basses lately. did you sell that Sadowsky PJ5?
  3. Buskman


    Apr 13, 2007
    Jersey Shore, USA
    This bass is all that & a bottle of hot sauce... like the one on your coffee table! :D
  4. TimothyGroovy

    TimothyGroovy Commercial User

    Aug 3, 2000
    Hong Kong
    Owner: Uni••Sound Endorsing Artist: La Bella Strings
    Free Bump for you and Mike's work!! I just got one exactly like yours only with Alder body! :D:D
  5. LeonD

    LeonD Supporting Member

    PM sent.

  6. Just damn. Bump for a wicked looking Lull!
  7. RockBoxBass

    RockBoxBass Supporting Member

    Yeah. the Sadowsky sold. Carey is gonna build me another monster and I want to get my deposit in. This Lull is really killer, but something just has to go....:crying:
  8. RockBoxBass

    RockBoxBass Supporting Member

    all pm's answered....Looks like this might go quick folks....hurry!:hyper::hyper::hyper::eek:
  9. Before I consider this, I'll have to see the label on the hot sauce. If it's not from Louisiana, just forget it...
  10. LeonD

    LeonD Supporting Member

    With Robert's permission, I'll gladly say "the check is in the mail and this bass is sold". ;)

    It'll be my first Lull. Based on the woods and electronics, I'm hoping this will go in the clear, clean and articulate direction.

  11. RockBoxBass

    RockBoxBass Supporting Member

    yup...sold pending payment!!
  12. Basso Gruvitas

    Basso Gruvitas Supporting Member

    Jun 7, 2000
    Dallas/Ft. Worth TX
    This is just an FYI guys, but this bass looks SO much like my Lull, only mine is the older design.

    It's a great bass - I'm keeping it. I'm sure your buyer will love his too.

  13. LeonD

    LeonD Supporting Member

    How odd. I was in Dallas all this week when my new Lull was delivered to me in Massachusetts.

    I love the feel and the weight. I've set it up with a high C and a set of Sunbeams.

    I am trying to come to grips with true single coils (they really do hum) and the Bart preamp (I may want something a little more natural). But nothing changes for a least a month till I get really familiar with it.


    P.S. RBB is a great guy to deal with.
  14. RockBoxBass

    RockBoxBass Supporting Member

    Enjoy it Leon! Although it may be different than you may be used to, Its a great combination, you may grow to love it like many of us already do! I hope you do....

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