SOLD FS: Modulus Genesis VJ4

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  1. Modulus Genesis VJ4

    EMG JV pickups
    Sadowsky Preamp
    Hipshot D-Tuner
    Gotoh Bridge
    9.3-9.5 lbs

    Includes Modulus Case
    $1200 + shipping, North America preferred.

    Full photo gallery:

    The Story:
    This bass started off as a 1996 VJ4, with a graphite neck, chechen fretboard, and rear-route full Bartolini system (photo below). About 10 years ago I swapped in this Genesis Maple VJ4 neck. Then had the EMJ JVs and Sadowsky preamp installed by Tim at Callowhill. Tim also put on a dummy control plate, and it is only held in place by the pots; it is not screwed down, so you can return to the rear-route look if desired. I also have a Modulus VJ black pickguard that I will throw in, it has a nice tolerance fit so you can play around with the look of the bass without putting screw holes in the body.

    The neck is mint, minus some minor fret wear. The body has some buckle scratches, three small dings between the pickups, and a ding on top of the upper horn. All should be visible in the photos. Also, the original neck did not have a truss rod, and thus the body has no cutout for the truss rod adjuster on the Genesis neck. Truss rod adjustment requires neck removal, but due to the stability of the carbon graphite spine, adjustments are very infrequent.

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    Awesome looking piece.
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  5. Sorry, no trades on this one. Thanks.
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    Pm sent
  8. what do you have to trade? i have a vj4 im looking for a 5!
  9. *bump*
  10. Ballin'bass


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    Wow. This is beautiful and I bet it sounds awesome. I thought my GAS was done. Might be coming back..... drool

    Can't believe the price! Somebody buy this!
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    I have the five string version and it is killer!!!!!
  12. Sold.
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