FS: Modulus Q6 'Sweetspot' - $1500.00

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    Modulus Quantum 6 Sweetspot bass. 1/2" thick spalted maple top on solid mahogany body. Famous graphite neck, phenolic fingerboard, pearloid dot neck inlays. Gold hardware; ABM bridge. Single EMG 45DC soapbar pickup, EMG BTS 18 volt preamp. Volume, treble & bass boost/cut controls. Beautiful translucent 'American Beauty' finish. Unreal piano-like clarity all the way to the low 'B'. A real player. VGC with OHSC. Shipping extra. Pics @ http://home.att.net/~t.wick/wsb/html/view.cgi-photos.html-.html

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    Still available...
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    May 19, 2002
    I've been drooling about this exact bass, just purple! I WANT THIS SOOOO BAD!!!!!!!!!!! If I had money, beleive me, I'd buy it!
  4. I will definately take that awesome bass off you hands for that price,I play in a progressive band, so i need a bass that can make itself heard over two guitars. can you recommend that badass bass for the job? (if so I want it! :D )

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    F5F - you've got mail...
  6. I feel kinda bad asking this, but is the price negotiable at all? im sure since it didnt say firm or OBO

    if it is negotioable im offering 1200

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    I've replied via email.