FS: MXR Bass Compressor, Vintage Boss CS-1 MIJ, Digitech Whammy IV ,

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  1. MXR Bass Compressor - like new, with original box, papers, etc. A very solid compressor probably the best technically that I've used, just not as musical on my rig (to me) as my CS-2. I have shelved it for awhile only in my reluctance to sell it. Finally I have it here for you. Asking $150 shipped.

    MIJ Boss CS-1 - Vintage Boss. This is one of the most unique compressors I've come across. It has a slow gear like swell. It's an effect much wilder and interesting than just a compressor really. Just have a similar effect in my M9. Asking $60 shipped.

    Digitech Whammy IV - You know this and what it can do, if not YouTube it promptly. Asking $115 shipped.

    Xotic SP Compressor
    EQD Bit Commander
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    Will you ship to canada?
  3. Yes. Cost is on your end. I will only charge what it costs me to ship. So take off $5 on sale price but add maybe $15-10 for shipping. Altogether likely $10 increase. Hope that's not confusing.
  4. Whammy gone!
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  8. ALL SOLD!