FS: My green custom jazz - price reduced!!

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    Dec 28, 2000
    Northern Virginia, USA
    I've decided to sell my incredibly beautiful green custom jazz bass.

    Here's an old picture that doesn't do the bright color justice. The picture in my avatar is a better representation of the color, but this shows the hardware and details of the figuring on the body quite well.


    Click here for a huge close-up picture of that picture of the body The quilt is stunning. Here are the specs:
    • Lasido neck - maple with ebony fingerboard - Jazz spacing, slightly V-Shaped (Lasido is the company that makes Godin, Seagull, and Norman guitars - solid high quality stuff).
    • Warmoth Body - quilted maple over alder
    • Wilkins Paint job with matching headstock - this paint job is incredible - pictures do not do justice! Wilkins does work for Sadowsky, Lull, and other high end builders and it shows in this bass! You will never see a better finish. You'll see as good, but never better.
    • Schaller Hardware
    • Bartolini single coil pickups
    • Wired passive - Vol/Blend/Tone - control cavity is big enough to easily accomodate active EQ. Fourth knob could be drilled in line with the first three.
    • Hard case (old)
    • Assembled by expert luthiers at Pink Guitarz in Centreville, VA
    This bass sounds and plays fantastic, has a bright tone due to the maple and ebony. The fret ends stick out ever so little. The neck hung behind the guitar counter of a local store for years before I bought it - the ebony has dried/shrunk a tiny bit causing the fret ends to stick out ever so slightly. Noticable, but I have not found the need to fix for my playing. However, it is truly goregeous and plays and sounds fantastic. Just not my style any more.

    Well over $1600 invested. Asking $650 plus shipping. Very Good condition, rarely played (which is why I'm selling it).

    Here's another (not very good) pic: