FS: New White Pearloid P Pickguard

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  1. FS: New White Pearloid P Pickguard

    It doesn't quite fit my MIJ Precision.

    20.00 + shipping. Will take paypal +3%.

    If you're in T.O. you can pick it up if you like.:hyper:
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    In T.O. you say? I live in Aurora. I'm interested if it is:

    A. a drop-in (no modification required) to a 2001 MIA Precision.
    B. multi-ply WBW or something like that.

    If you can find out from whomever you got it from, that would be helpful. I know some of the actual Fender pickguards will fit a MIA / reissue / MIM but not a MIJ.

  3. I don't think there will be any modification, but I'm not sure. It was about 1/8" off of fitting my MIJ P.

    I bought it on ebay from Choppers Music. It was/is new cause I never was able to install it. I tried when I was putting new pots in my P, but it wouldn't quite fit.

    Side profile - It's WBW like you say. It's really too bad it didn't fit cause I think they're pretty damn cool looking.

    T-Dot represent!!
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