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  1. hello all,

    I have a mint, barely used Xiosynth 25 for sale. This is a cool little 2 octave synth with a 1/4 input for guitars/basses etc, so not only do you get a sweet little midi controller, you also get a USB interface for your bass...also, this synth is an actual synth with sounds built-in.

    here is the info from the website:

    Novation-class USB Synth, MIDI Controller, and Audio Interface
    You can't spell "Innovation" without Novation, and that pretty much sums up every product that Novation has introduced since their inception 12 years ago. Now they've gone and done it again with the new Novation XioSynth - an 8-voice polyphonic synth, that's also an audio interface. Oh, and it's also a MIDI controller - all in one compact unit. The XioSynth comes equipped with what is essentially a new sound engine that offers some pretty incredible onboard sounds, many of which just happened to be programmed by top international producers. One USB cable is all that's needed to turn your computer into a complete workstation for recording, controlling, and synthesizing. Since the XioSynth is class compliant (no drivers needed for Win XP or Mac OSX), you truly can just plug and play. The Novation XioSynth is available in 25- and 49-key configurations.

    Novation XioSynth 25 at a Glance:

    8-voice polyphonic synth with 32-step sequencer

    MIDI controller and audio interface

    200 virtual analog patches programmed by top artists

    Class-compliant USB

    Novation-class Synthesizer with New Features
    The XioSynth features a mono-timbral Novation synth engine with 8-voice polyphony. In addition to 3 oscillators (17 waveforms each), 1 Filter (varying types), 2 LFOs (32 waveforms each), an arpeggiator and multi-effects board, this subtractive synth also boasts some brand new facilities such as the X-Gator patch programmer. The X-Gator can be made to gate each patch to create unique 16-32 step rhythmic patterns for every onboard sound, all automatically synchronized to MIDI clock from a sequencer; just press and hold one key to groove along to a track with style.

    Flexible MIDI Controller and High-quality Audio Interface
    If wanting a compact controller keyboard for studio or live use, the XioSynth is the most flexible and powerful tool on the market. In addition to synthesizing and audio/MIDI interfacing, the keyboard is also a comprehensive control surface with 22 knobs and buttons (doubled to 44 by a Group A/B switch), plus a freely assignable Touchpad and joystick. All of these controls are pre-programmed in 12 of 16 onboard Templates, so that the XioSynth can instantly control many software applications straight out the box. Add to this many more Templates online, a free Template Editor software application and hybrid modes for simultaneous synthesizing and MIDI controlling, and you have an extremely versatile package for producing or performing.

    The XioSynth includes an ultra-low latency 2 In/2 Out audio interface for high quality recording and playback. This allows you to record a microphone with phantom power, as well as simultaneously stream the onboard synth audio directly to the sequencer via the USB cable. Equally though, a guitar can be plugged straight into the Jack input for DI recording, as well as simultaneously miked, and recorded with outstanding results.

    High-profile User Patches
    The XioSynth features 200 hard-hitting onboard patches, utilizing a new optional filter distortion to produce an even greater range of sounds than on previous synths; from the distinctive clean British sound to the filthiest and grittiest of sonic characters. Furthermore, 60 of the onboard sounds come from internationally acclaimed artists and producers from a variety of musical genres, namely James Zabiela, Ferry Corsten, Rennie Pilgrem, Roots Manuva, Shimon and Skeewiff. As such, every one of the patches on the XioSynth is eminently and instantly usable for creating synthesized music of any kind.

    Highly Portable and USB Class-compliant
    Simply connecting the keyboard over USB is all that's required to start recording, synthesizing and MIDI controlling. As the device is class compliant, no drivers are required for Windows XP or Mac OSX (although some are provided to improve latency and stability in some apps). Furthermore, if wanting to escape the confines of the studio for a while, the USB cable can be unplugged and the XioSynth can be powered by batteries, functioning as a standalone synth completely separately from the computer.

    Novation XioSynth 25 Features:

    One part, 8-voice polyphonic synthesizer

    3 Oscillators, 17 Waveforms

    2 LFOs, 32 Waveforms

    Multimode resonant filter section with various filter options

    Extensive modulation capabilities

    Arpeggiator with latch

    X-GATOR with latch

    Direct streaming of synth into computer via USB

    Number of Keys: 25 Semi-weighted

    Velocity curves: 7

    Pitch wheel lever: Rubberized - center return spring loaded left to right motion

    Mod/control lever: Rubberized - spring loaded front to back motion

    X/Y touchpad: 1 x touch sensitive 45x60mm, 2 assignable parameters in X direction, 2 assignable in Y direction

    LCD: 2 x 16 character silver, blue LED backlit

    MIDI: 1 MIDI Out

    USB MIDI: 1 In/1 Out

    Audio Interface Inputs: 1 XLR (with phantom power), 1 TS Jack

    Audio Interface Outputs: 2 TS Jack (L/R)

    1 stereo Headphones Jack

    1 x USB 1.1

    Sustain pedal: 1 x 1/4" Jack Input

    Rotary potentiometers: 11, 0-270° rotation

    Rotary encoders: 1, 360° continuous DATA wheel

    Buttons: 11 function switches

    Group B switch

    General operation: 4 Mode and Menu select buttons

    Keyboard Octave Up and Down buttons

    Synth Menus/Audio mode select button

    Effect Select buttons (Synth Mode)

    Template/Bank/Page Up/Down buttons

    Line/Phones Volume pots

    Battery operation: 6 x standard 'AA' Size

    External power supply: Standard 'center positive' 9V DC 600mA (Novation PSU6)

    Size (25): 468 x 68 x 190 (mm) w x h x d

    Size (49): 798 x 68 x 190 (mm) w x h x d

    Weight (25/49): 1.4/1.6kg

    Templates (16 preset onboard, more available on Novation website):
    1. Apple - Logic 7
    2. Steinberg - Cubase SX3
    3. Ableton - Live 5
    4. Cakewalk - Sonar
    5. Native Instruments - Absynth 3
    6. Native Instruments - B4
    7. Native Instruments - FM7
    8. Native Instruments - Pro53
    9. Gmedia - Oddity
    10. Novation V-Station
    11. Novation Bass Station
    12. reFX - Vanguard
    13. Linplug - Albino 2
    14. Gmedia - Minimonsta
    15. Spectrasonics - Atmosphere & Trilogy
    16. User Template


    These are going new for 300, I am asking 250 shipped.
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  3. swiggyswag

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    Apr 18, 2008
    Meadville, PA 16335
    Dude I want one of these. Talk to me on AIM about it please.

    Your Friend,
  4. cool--I am on right now or otherwise i will be on later tonight or most of the day tomorrow
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    240 shipped
  6. MatticusMania

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    Sep 10, 2008
    Pomona, SoCal
    I just want to add a little note. I own one of these myself, and it is freakin awesome!

    If youve ever considered purchasing a synth such as the Korg micoSynth, buy this instead! So much more awesome, and at an unbeatable price!
  7. swiggyswag

    swiggyswag Guest

    Apr 18, 2008
    Meadville, PA 16335
    Hey dude, my drummer wants to get a synth for 200 what can you do for us? How much shipped to 16335
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