SOLD FS Only: '99 Fendowsky Fender Hot Rod P w/ Sadowsky HC Pups

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by BuffaloBob4343, Apr 15, 2012.

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  1. Price Redux to $875 OBO!

    I need to hurry up and list this bass before I talk myself out of selling it. I took it in as a partial trade on a bass I really needed to sell, and thus really need to complete the transaction and cash out!

    I reallly like it though dammit! It is exactly how I would like a PJ. Fender vibe plus Sadowsky hum-cancelling PUPS that allow you to pan back and forth between all P and and all J with no noise.

    Also has a BadAss III bridge installed.






    The bass did not come with original PUPS or original bridge, but if you like the Sadowsky tone and silence, this is the one!

    Very nice resonance, very sweet rosewood board. It is currently wearing flats of some kind (Chromes maybe). I dunno flats! If I were keeping her, she get a new set of balanced Circle K's toot sweet!:D

    The condition of this bass is really outstanding for a 12-13 year old bass. Couple of small dingies on the head stock (see pic), one ever so tiny and shallow impression (less than the size of a pinhead) on the back of the neck, which will not photograph (You can only see it if you hold it at the right angle and in the right light). More importantly, I have not felt it once while playing the instrument, and it is damn hard to find even by touch, even when looking for it. It is really a non-issue but I mention it in the interest of full disclosure.

    Haven't had a chance to weigh it yet, but I will try to do that. However, I would be very surprised if it weighed over 8.5 pounds. Will come shipped in a roadrunner gig bag.

    Anyway, looking to get $875OBO shipped CONUSA for this one. PayPal is good. Not looking for trades at this point unless it's for a small Genz Uber cab such as a 210, 115 or 1288 plus cash to me.

    Please PM me with any questions>
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    What's the neck width?
  4. I believe it is 1.625 at the nut, which is sort of in between a Jazz at 1.5 and standard P at 1.75.

    I'll measure tonight to verify, but I believe that is the correct spec for this model.
  5. Verified. In the interest of moving this along before I do something stupid and try to keep it, I am dropping the price to $875 OBO.
  6. After some research, bump for even lower price!
  7. PM's returned. Considering a couple of offers, but still available for the time-being.
  8. Sold
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