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FS ONLY: DHA VT-dual custom CHEAP

Discussion in 'For Sale: Effects and Pedals' started by baldy McBalders, Jul 20, 2012.

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  1. Alright; Try again.
    Hi all,
    So I have this amazing dual channel tube pre/od just sitting around, as it turns out that a) a multi effect does the job for me and b) I really really like my upright, and want a new bow, so. . .
    This has probably been around the TB block a few times. At some point, someone took it apart, and had some "extra parts" left over when they put it back together. Nothing is missing that would affect the sound of it, just some plastic rods and screws that support the circuit board.
    Next, the pots came a little scratchy when I bought it. Seems to be good now, but I will be happy to include the can of Deoxit that I bought to resolve the problem.
    On the plus side, I changed the 1st channel tube to a NOS GE JAN 5751 in channel 1, and a Mullard reissue in channel 2. In channel 1, I get a little more clean headroom for preamp use, and channel 2 sounds a little better (subjective of course) than the stock GT tubes. I will be happy to send those along as well if you wish to play around with it a bit.
    Back to the negative; the thing is ugly. Hippie, rasta-colored boxy DHA ugly. But you don't hear it with your eyes, yes?
    You also get more switches than was needed to land the Space Shuttle. Color, boost, Hi, low, SI,GE diodes, etc. etc.
    lots o stuff.
    adapter included!
    $160 shipped CONUS only. Includes all the crap I mentioned in the box.
    Kinda firm on the price, as this is a hell of a deal, all things considered. I still like it, and would be okay if I still had it around. PM for pics.
  2. Here it is. Bright switch, fat switch, color knob and input pad are on the back as well, but not visible in this pic. Like I said, lots to play with.

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  3. Bump for one time price adjustment!
  4. Up we go!
  5. Bump.
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  7. Nu11nV01D


    Jul 8, 2011
    pm sent
  8. Payment pending.
  9. And sold!

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