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SOLD FS Only - Epifani UL902c with footswitch - Priced to Move (some air!!)

Discussion in 'For Sale: Amps, Preamps, and Cabinets' started by Pedulla-Player, Sep 28, 2010.

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  1. For sale - No trades. Epifani UL902c with footswitch - $1,150.00. Like new - Pristine condition. I purchased the UL902c new for $2,000.00 and the footswitchl for $80.00 in May of 2009. I played about 30 gigs with the head and pedal. The head was kept in it's box when not in use and was transported to and from gigs in it's box. The only reason that I'm selling it is because it is just too powerful for the small gigs that I play , so I purchased a smaller Markbass rig. The head sounds great , is very light , and is extremely powerful with tons of headroom. The UL902c is 4 ohms and has two 900 watt power amps (900W + 900w). So in other words it will put 900w separately into two 4 ohm cabinets. Message me with any questions that you may have. Thanks for looking. ----- Pedulla-Player
  2. Price dropped to $1,100.00! Free shipping (Conus)!! Priced to sell ~ I need to move this head to help with a purchase of a used bass on the TB classifids - I don't want to miss out on the bass that I've been looking for. My loss is your gain :crying: - Don't miss out on this great deal! If you need photos PM me your e-mail and I'll send you some. Thanks , Pedulla-Player (Craig)
  3. I just listed my Epifani series 2 UL410 cabinet (4oHm) for $625.00 - $650.00 with the cover. I will do a package deal for both the head and cabinet and I will cover the whole cost of shipping for $1600.00. Both the head and cabinet have been extremely well cared for and are in like-new condition. Don't miss out on this incredible deal. The only reason I'm letting this gear go for such a low price is so I can purchase the bass of my dreams for sale here on the TB classifieds. :hyper: Thanks , Pedulla-Player (Craig)
  4. UL902c is sold and is going to be moving some air in the land down under. Thanks Justin!!

    Now if I could only sell my Series 2 UL410 cabinet for $600.00 all would be good. I personally can't believe that it hasn't sold yet for that price , but I do have a couple people sniffing around on it at the moment. :ninja:
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