FS Only: ROB ALLEN Deep 5 semi-hollow bass guitar! 34" scale lined fretless KOA top

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    Apr 12, 2005
    Sold pending payment. Thanks !!

    FS Only: Rob Allen Deep 5 semi-hollow bass guitar! 34" scale lined fretless
    For sale only.
    Here is a rare and beautiful five string bass by renowned bass luthier Rob Allen. Information on this bass can be seen on his website (http://www.roballenguitars.com/info_deep.html). This stunning instrument is a work of art.
    It features a highly figured koa top, and was actually the bass used in his original advertisements for the Deep 5 model, with the top personally selected by Rob from a rare batch of old growth koa he obtained through an estate sale. This bass has been babied--there are two small pen tip sized marks on the back of the bass. The front/top are immaculate. The lined fretless fingerboard is a striking piece of madacassar ebony, and has only minor signs of use from the La Bella tapewound flats on it. The neck is beautiful birdseye maple. The bass plays extremely smoothly. Currently tuned BEADG, but can easily be tuned EADGC if you prefer. You can get plenty of mwah but also an excellent upright-like tone. The piezo pickup is built into the bridge. For semi-acoustic basses, Rob Allen is the top of the heap, and this instrument is one of the finest examples of his work that you will ever find. It's rare to get this in 34" scale. This bass sings!
    From the Rob Allen website: "Simply put, this is the finest instrument I can make."
    I bought this bass around one month ago. I have three Rick Turner basses. These are my go-to basses. I have always lusted after a Rob Allen Deep 5 bass given its incredible beauty and the deep semi-hollow body design. It is also; I think the only 34” scale deep five around, which really made it attractive. My hope was that it would de-throne one of my Turner basses.
    In many ways, this Rob Allen bass is better built than my Turner basses. It plays and sounds incredible. The B string is very good. However, there is just something about my Turner basses that does it for me. So this bass needs to find a new home. I can't justify this amount of money tied up in a bass that won't get played as much as my others.
    This bass has changed hands a few times in the last year. I have talked to the other owners and they say the same thing: incredible bass, but can't justify the money.
    I emailed Rob and asked him about the bass. Here is my e-mail and his response:
    Hi Rob,
    I hope you haven't already been to pestered by this but there is one of your earlier Deep 5 fretless basses on eaby now. 34" scale. Maple neck. No stack tone knob. I know that all your basses are amazing but would there be any significant reason to hold off on this bass and get one of your newer models. Any loss with the 34" scale. I would string it EADGC
    Thanks much
    Date: Mon, 8 Dec 2008 10:38:44 -0800
    From: [email protected]
    Subject: Re: form inquiry
    Hi Stephen- if I were you I would get the bass, it will be perfect for
    the high C if you want that. The sound of the electronics will be the same.
    Good luck, R

    Sincerely, Rob Allen
    Rob Allen Guitars
    1910 West Rosecrans Ave.
    Gardena, Ca 90249
    Tel: 310 324 4269

    I have included high quality pics of the bass, along with a low-quality pic I took of the bass with my three Turner basses. The pic I took is low-quality with a flash at night, so it doesn't show the true color of the bass as is seen in the high quality pics.
    I paid $ 2,750.00, which included shipping. I am asking $ 2,650 shipped to the lower 48. Paypal e-check, bank transfer or money order only. High quality gig bag.
    I have 100 % feedback on eBay. My name there is srm1326.





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    one of the most beautiful Deep 5's!
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    PM sent. Dibs.
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    I'll second that :)
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    how loud is it as an acoustic bass?
  6. jibreel


    Apr 12, 2005
    Only slightly louder than the rest of the RA/Turner/Godin semi-acoustics. Very nice sitting on a chair playing it. An acoustic guitar would totally drown it out