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FS or Trade: Hartke 410 XL Cab and 3500 Rackmounted Head

Discussion in '[OLD FORUM] Bass Guitars, Amps, and Accessories: F' started by squarewave, Jul 29, 2004.

  1. Hi- I have these two items for sale that I can no longer lift. The rig is awesome and quite versatile, but I have back problems and have switched to two lighter cabinets and an Eden Traveler head. I won't attempt to give the specs here, since a quick web search will give you all the info you can handle on the two (popular) items.

    I live in Iowa City, Iowa, which is an easy drive from Chicago, Minneapolis, St. Louis, etc.

    I prefer to sell these, but you can make trade offers if interested.

    410 XL - great cabinet with 4 10" drivers. This is the XL model, not the cheaper (and lighter) Transporter model. It is in great condition. I have experience shipping large items, so packing and shipping will not be a problem. I can estimate shipping costs if anyone is interested. $315 plus actual shipping.

    3500 rackmounted bass amp- This has spent it's time in an anvil case, so the condition is very good. Awesome amp. $325 plus actual shipping. An anvil case can be added for $75 or so.

    I'll post some photos in the next couple of days, or you can email me. References are available, as is a phone number so we can discuss any potential deals.

  2. Edited for spelling mistakes. I need to learn to proof read (and spell).
  3. Here's a bump for Swingmaster....
  4. And the back...
  5. I can be flexible on the price and will look at trade offers.