FS Ovation Magnum III

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  1. Up for sale My Magnum III, the bass is in great condition for its age, it has bumps and bruises, but there are no cracks or anything that affects the bass playability, the pickguard has a small crack by the output, and 1/8" piece of wood is missing under the pickguard. besides that, normal wear, the frets show almost no wear and everything works as it should, It could use a deep cleaning, but that might get rid of the mojo ;)
    Asking $510 (lower price!!) Shipped to the lower 48, i might have a Peavey hardshell case laying around, if it fits i will include it for free, if it doesnt, the bass will be packed securely.
    please let me know if you have any questions.




  2. CAM01280_zpsffe625be.



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    What's going on with the toggle switch there? Also, what do you mean when you say "1/8" piece of wood is missing under the pickguard"?


  4. My bad, was cleaning it and took it off, i will look for it tonight and snap a new picture with the switch tip.
    if you look at the picture below, you can see it under the jack, it is ver hard to see, but i will take a picture of it tonight, it is not obvious and you have to look for it if you want to see it, but its there and i like to make sure i describe every bit of it

  5. Pm's responded, Bump ;)
  6. Pictures of the dent at the bottom, it doesnt go under the pickguard.


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    absolutely love these basses!
  8. lots of interest and trade offers, im sorry guys but this one is for sale only, and dont let it go to ebay :)
  9. i cant believe this is still here! save this bass from ebay!!!
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    Like my Mag I......this one could start a collection....
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    Does this have a stereo jack?
  13. this bass is mono
  14. p.m. sent
  15. payment sent
  16. SOLD!!