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FS: Pair of Early MTD's

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by b15fliptop, Jan 3, 2012.

  1. b15fliptop


    Feb 17, 2004
    I used to be in the MI industry, and bought both of these from the original distributor for MTD, who have since closed their doors.
    MTD Beast 5-String ***SOLD***
    This is a somewhat rare instrument. Before MTD started making their stuff in Korea, they made a few in the same Czech factory that makes the NS Design uprights and Spector Euros (among others).

    Metallic black, stock passive Bartolinis. One feature that makes this slightly more rare than other Beasts is that it sports a Rosewood fretboard, as opposed to the standard wedge or maple. Barely been used, in perfect condition, but a great bass! I will ship it in a nice, thick, padded gig bag. And a box, of course.

    Asking $450 shipped via Parcel Post. Or Partial Post, as the lady at my local Post Office likes to call it.

    Bigger pics here: https://picasaweb.google.com/brian.garrison.mail/BassesForSale?authuser=0&feat=directlink

    IMG_0423.jpg IMG_0434.jpg IMG_0457.jpg IMG_0428.jpg

    MTD Kingston 4-String
    MTD #2 is an early Korean. This is from the first batch of Kingstons. It has a single passive MM style pickup, basswood body, maple board. It is finished in Pearl White. This was my number one for quite a while, but it was very well taken care of. It is in just about perfect condition except for some very, very minor scuffs on the back. Nothing that wouldn't easily buff out. It has been strung with TI Jazz Flats almost since the beginning, so there is no appreciable fret wear. Great bass! Light, sounds great, looks cool in a slightly ostentatious way. Comes with a nice, thick, padded gig bag.

    Looking for $350 shipped via Parcel Post.

    IMG_0466.jpg IMG_0471.jpg IMG_0472.jpg IMG_0475.jpg

    Same link as above for larger images.
  2. Joe Milstein

    Joe Milstein Inactive Commercial User

    Dec 7, 2007
    Central New Jersey
    Gamma Bass Guitars
    Love these MTD basses. Had one, sold it, regret it!
  3. bassguyky48

    bassguyky48 Supporting Member

    Oct 6, 2009
    Central KY./Danville
    I have 3 of the Korean MTD's. ........all 5 strings........they each have slightly different neck profiles . All of them start with 1 3/4's at the nut and end up over 3 inches at the last fret, it's the flatness of the neck (front to back) that's creates the difference with the oldest (2001) being the thinnest.

    What is the width at the nut on your Czech made model? How is the neck profile?

    Thanks and bump for a great bass and one that I would LOVE to own!!!
  4. b15fliptop


    Feb 17, 2004
    Nut on the 5'er looks like 1 7/8". The neck profile is just a little bit slimmer than the Korean. I really love the MTD necks. If I didn't need the cash I wouldn't be selling these!
  5. b15fliptop


    Feb 17, 2004
    Lots of interest, but still available!
  6. T-birdfan


    Jan 29, 2001
    Ontario, Canada
    PM sent on the 4 banger. Sorry, boys, she's mine.
  7. 123321

    123321 Am Comfortably Dumb...

    Feb 1, 2004
    You "done" good!! I love those things!!
  8. b15fliptop


    Feb 17, 2004
    Both still available. For some reason the forum didn't email me that there were PM's waiting for me, and the forum app didn't notify me either. Apologies to those I didn't get back to!
  9. fullcircle

    fullcircle Live your dreams

    Jan 24, 2004
    Payment sent on the Beast 5
  10. TorBass


    Nov 4, 2009
    The Beast looks just like my 2000 Grendel...
  11. b15fliptop


    Feb 17, 2004
    It's basically the same bass. They only made a limited run of Grendel's before deciding to roll it into the MTD line.

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