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    Dec 30, 2003
    Selling a 99%New Phil Jones Bass Buddy, in fact you can search my post and check out when i buy it fresh from the music store.

    For official spec please check out the following link

    http://www.philjonesbass.com/PRODUCTS/AMP/BASS BUDDY.htm

    The whole package come with a well thought out carrying case, and A/C adaptor, various adaptor for cable...and even a polishing cloth( I love that, but i still havent unwrap it, since i use other polishing cloth).

    Sound wise, i had been using it as a practice amp in my room for nighttime practice, the build in comp and the 5 band EQ are both very handy, and i love the clean and transparent sound of the unit. It can be used as a DI and it also features Aux in (with seperate vol control) which i jet in the drum machine-happy jam. My original intension for the purchase is to use it as a portable pre for the church PA system. However, i had never told it out of my room..( cause i had plan to use it on stage with my long waited nordstrand :hyper: )

    I am selling it because tonight i will have my EBS microbassII in a great deal, and the EBS can allow me to put it 2 bass (fretted and fretless)

    Think about it, PM me for an offer.

    PS. I live in Hongkong so dont worry about the overseas shipping, if you are a sincere TBer. i will ship to wherever you are.. but for Slum...i will send you poisoned dry salty fish... :ninja:
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    Another PM SENT.
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    and another