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SOLD FS: Precision Bass Fender MIA / USACG Jazz neck

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by aetheldrea, Apr 2, 2013.

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  1. I guess this would properly be called a "parts" bass, but I put it together with almost all Fender parts. The body is a MIA from 1998 that came with the original bridge but nothing else. Very nice USA Custom Guitars jazz width neck with a nice vintage tint. Was originally drilled for hipshot ultralight tuners, (I think). I didn't have any of those, but I did have some nice 70's style German made Schaller tuners that covered the old hole, so I put those on. The neck has the standard USACG compound radius, but I don't believe that makes much difference on a bass. Vintage style frets, including one extra fret, if you really like high E.
    Pickguard is a mint green Fender, nice mild mint, not pea-soupy. Fender flat-top knobs, Fender Corona back plate, CTS pots, orange drop .047 cap, switchcraft jack, Fender Schaller style strap buttons. Some significant buckle rash on the back, especially on the upper horn, and a small chip on the bottom, visible in photo. A couple small dent type dings on the front, very minor. Usual minor dings and ceiling paint an the end of the headstock. All honest wear, no faux relic process. Bass looks really good from the front and from a playing position, major wear and tear is on the back and out of sight.
    Currently strung with Chromes flatwounds. Pickups are Seymour Duncan SPB-3's (quarter pounders) and I'm not really digging them. I had the SPB-1's in there before, and I wasn't really digging those, either. Maybe this bass just really needs some rounds to make it sing? Too bad I'm a flats guy. And lately I've been seduced by 1.75" P bass necks, so this one isn't getting the playing time it deserves.
    Looking to get $500.00 out of it, which is less than I have into it, and probably less than you could get parting it out. Will ship in an off-brand hard case. How about $50 shipping, and if the actual shipping cost is significantly less, say $5 or more, I'll refund you the difference. Paypal is fine.

    a411329d81d6b8d56cf8a47d3e1eb377_zps500d2911. 998566b5cc17f0289cea4c4c4320564d_zpsca925a85. 9eea5ba7369a855f87c18b1e93d08e4f_zps5431fd4b. b7f77f408e9e5d6365fecbba5469f237_zps936f1526. ffac0595e0688a33fa7516f2decd73d4_zpsa33b59a8. ef22119174310ef77da2dffaba743152_zps1e3a5118. a8b373dedeacf5456c8e0173aeece029_zpsd83d5b22. 91deaf8bb385e3c152cf9ef166f7888c_zpsdead4986. b1e110c874af437c75e1e3a1ed2120cb_zpsce67adc6. 79d8425e01b3ee83f8a8b17db01cce9e_zps5480fb77.
  2. Rneckties31

    Rneckties31 Supporting Member

    Jul 18, 2011
    Dallas, Texas
  3. Trying to be a good boy and reduce the amount of bass gear clogging up my house, but... Send me a pm with what you are thinking of...
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