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FS: PRS McCarty, Fender Kotzen Strat, Jackson PC1 Phil Collen

Discussion in 'For Sale: Other Stuff (Not bass related)' started by HooBass, Aug 18, 2012.

  1. HooBass


    May 27, 2003
    Three guitars for sale, as listed below. Note there is a link to more photos for each guitar. Talk soon -- HooBass

    Overall Info

    References: I've sold here on TalkBass (although some time ago, and can refer to very recent feedback on The Gear Page, and finally (although again quite a while ago) on eBay.

    I will want to speak with you over the phone before transacting and am happy to share more info.

    Will not be interested in any trades.
    We'll exchange contact info to hear more details. My preference is for us to speak over the phone.
    Will only ship to the buyer's confirmed PayPal address. Selling only to buyers who are located in the continental US and will have item shipped to confirmed address in continental US, and payment from US address. Item will ship once funds have been received.

    Now on eBay 2000 PRS McCarty Rosewood, 10 Top
    Asking $X shipped and PayPal'ed (US continental only -- sorry! -- see note below).
    • Real beautiful and nice sounding PRS McCarty
    • 10 Top – visually stunning IMO
    • Gold hardware, birds
    • East Indian rosewood neck and fretboard
    • Wide-fat neck
    • Stop tail
    • Currently strung with 11s
    Condition: IMO a visual stunner! Looks VERY close to brand new. Extremely minor swirls in finish. Gold has worn *slightly* off the pickup covers, screws, and from the bridge. Very small (circa 1 cm) mark in finish just below the high-e string (IMO it appears to be a flaw in the finish rather than a dent). This is hard to see unless you shine look at the guitar at just the right angle. There’s noticeable tarnish/dirt on the bridge (I cleaned it but only very gently given the gold finish). There is what appears to be a slight dent (but might be a feature in the wood) on the BACK of the guitar, just after the neck joint; regardless it’s there! It’s about 1 inch, in a crescent shape. Two tiny dings right beside each other on back in body contour. All of these are there, AND they’re hard to see unless you’re looking at the guitar at just the right angle. Knobs jack and switch work fine.
    Modifications: Schaller strap locks. Original strap buttons included.
    Accessories: Matching case and PRS strap


    More photos of the McCarty: http://s193.photobucket.com/albums/z50/margin4error/PRS%20McCarty/

    2007 Fender Japan Richie Kotzen Signature Stratocaster
    Asking $1,350 shipped and PayPal'ed (US continental only -- sorry! -- see note below).
    • Made in Japan for Japanese market, and fairly rare here in the US
    • http://www.fenderjapan.co.jp/str-rk.html
    • Ash with flame maple body, laminated maple cap
    • Semi-transparent yellowed/white beauty
    • Maple satin mat neck – very flat radius (12” I understand)
    • Chunky neck
    • “22F super jumbo” frets
    • DiMarzio pickups
    • Gold hardware
    • Steel block “vintage” bridge
    • White pearl 3 pick guard, tuner knobs, and fret board dot inlays
    • PUPs set you up for great for strat tones and more aggressive, metal tones, too.
    Condition: Nearly pristine and a beauty. Minor (1/8th inch or smaller) dings above input jack, above and to left of bridge (facing guitar), very minor scratching on back of guitar, and a bit more than that on the trem spring cover. Tiny dings in headstock (just beneath signature at edge).
    Modifications: None.
    Accessories: Special gig bag that came with the guitar


    More photos of the Kotzen Strat: http://s193.photobucket.com/albums/z50/margin4error/Fender%20Richie%20Kotzen%20Strat/

    2007 Jackson PC1 Phil Collen Signature
    Asking $1,600 shipped and PayPal'ed (US continental only -- sorry! -- see note below).
    • http://www.jacksonguitars.com/products/search.php?partno=2803050821
    • Mahogany body with BEAUTIFUL quilt maple top (“au natural”)
    • Hard rock maple neck with compound radius (I like this – 12” to 16”).
    • DiMarzio pickups with Jackson Sustainer/driver
    • Gold hardware
    • Floyd Rose with two trem arms (one gold, one black)
    • Sustainer system kicks butt
    • I instantly was playing with this and scaring my little girls with the evil metal squeals and feedback tones I could get! Check out the demo by Mr. Collen http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wj_fMvDNNOc
    • Good variety of tones given this plus the H/S/S combos using the 5-position switch
    Condition: A beauty to behold and nearly pristine. There’s a satin (or similar) finish over the neck AND body (except the face of the head which is finished), so the grain of the wood is physically visible – which contributes to the fact I can find virtually no scratches in the “finish”. Fingerboard appears to have player wear/dirt on it – I did not attempt to clean this. Jack and knobs and (most importantly) the sustainer works. Case has reasonable dust and scratches. Takes two 9 volt batteries. All knobs and switches and jack work fine. Audible *physical* vibration when I play the low E string – I believe the saddle on the Floyd is vibrating against another part of the bridge. This noise does NOT come through when amplified, and I sense a well-placed piece of felt could handle that IF it’s needed (but this guitar is meant to be amplified).
    Modifications: None.
    Accessories: Matching case


    More photos of the Jackson PC1: http://s193.photobucket.com/albums/z50/margin4error/Jackson%20PC1%20Phil%20Collen/
  2. HooBass


    May 27, 2003
  3. HooBass


    May 27, 2003

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