FS: QSC PLX 3002 (PLX3002) - $650

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  1. Poon


    May 20, 2003
    Los Angeles, CA
    My band broke up. I have other amps and 2 custom basses on the way. I need the cash. I'm selling this guy for $650 + Shipping & Paypal Fees which should be $700 including shipping and paypal fees.

    If you don't know the specs, here they are...
    550w per channel @ 8 ohms Stereo
    900w per channel @ 4 ohms Stereo
    1500w per channel @ 2 ohms Stereo

    1100w @ 16 ohmns Bridged
    2000w @ 8 ohms Bridged
    3000w @ 4 ohms Bridged

    You can read more at www.qscaudio.com or ask BOB LEE here on TB.
    I had a checkup on this done at the local QSC Authorized Service Center, just to be sure everything is in working order.