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FS: Recording King RK R-20 Banjo!

Discussion in 'For Sale: Other Stuff (Not bass related)' started by Justin Tuskey, Nov 7, 2012.

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  1. Hey guys, got a pretty little 5 string banjo for sale. I got bit by a banjo bug about 6 months back, and now it just isn't getting played. It has never even left the house....I'm definitely not good enough for anyone else to hear it. what we have here is an entry level banjo that looks incredible, plays incredible, and sounds pretty incredible! check reviews. general consensus is that it is amazing for its price. think of this as the squier classic vibe or vintage modified series. great way to get your feet wet and surprisingly great for what you are paying compared to most of the "real" banjos out there. looking at banjo prices makes most of us bass players look like we are playing a giant piece of cardboard. it has great feeling tuners that hold really well. from what research I did before I bought a banjo I was scared about the small 4:1 ratio for banjos. its mostly so banjo players can change tune so quickly but i was worried the tuning would drop and such. not at all. locks in pretty well!

    I have installed a compensated saddle on it and right now it is very close to perfect intonation (for shipping purposes the saddle has to be removed so nothing snaps or tears, but I will mark its location with a tiny faint pencil line). I have also included the original bridge and another. it comes with a goldtone strap already attached (generally leave these attached at all times because its near impossible to play one sitting or standing without it). also included is a goldtone banjo mute. gently slide it over the bridge underneath the strings and it mutes it very well. transfers the energy to the metal mute so the sustain increases and percussive output decreases. almost sounds like a harpsichord. also including unopened pack of elixir banjo strings.

    anyway, this banjo is in great shape, no nicks, dings, or scratches. i removed a sticker on the back of the headstock so there is a lil gunk there. it will not be there when it gets to you! it will be shipped in a very padded roadrunner banjo bag. please DO some research on these things. sure you can get a cheap banjo for under $200. this one isn't far off price wise but it actually feels like you're playing a banjo, and not chasing tuning around which is so discouraging. any other questions feel free to ask, I like to disclose everything. no better way to assure someone they are getting exactly what I am offering.
    $290 shipped. add $10 west of TX. paypal only, no trades. CONUS only









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    SOLD! Thanks Grif!

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