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FS: Reverend Rumblefish 4 String - Like New

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by bunny10, Aug 25, 2007.

  1. bunny10


    Mar 11, 2006
    This Reverend Rumblefish is like new. It has never been played outside of the house and has been either in its case or on a guitar stand since the day it was bought. It has never been gigged or played in any band situation. It has no scratches or dings or any wear. I never played it because it just wasn't my cup of tea. I play only 32' and 30" scales.

    I bought it on a lark because of the way it looked and used it as an interior decoration piece for my home and enjoyed having it on display in my house. But the time has come for it to find a person who will enjoy and play it.

    I have more pictures and can email them to anyone who is interested.

    I also have the case which is black and white and says Reverend and has never been out of the house since the day I bought it. I also have the original unfilled out warranty card, a Reverend bumper sticker, and the original allen wrench in its plastic bag.

    I know a lot of people say their guitar is like new. But this one truly is new. The number on the back is 02168.

    I know nothing about the bass, only that it is unusual looking, and that it is no longer made. So if I've said anything wrong about the bass, please correct me.

    The price is $995 plus shipping and insurance.



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  2. BartmanPDX

    BartmanPDX Supporting Member

    If that were a lime green one I'd be on it so fast it would make your head spin.

    Too bad I already have the matching fiver for it. :(
  3. matrok


    Jan 10, 2005
    Ferndale, Michigan
    Somebody snap this up!!
  4. shamrock&roll


    Feb 14, 2007
    *cue the old Guitar Center radio promo voice*

    TalkBass Rumblefish Marathon! One day only! You can't believe what we are letting go! Only this Saturday!!!
  5. Wow!! The Fishin' is great tonight :) I already caught my limit!!! :cool:
  6. bunny10


    Mar 11, 2006
    I have received several pm's with trade offers. I appreciate the interest, but at this time, the Rumblefish is a strict cash only deal.


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