FS: roadworn Musicman Bongo 5HS Stealth w/ original hard case

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    Feb 7, 2009
    --> sold <--

    Got a Musicman Bongo 5HS Stealth up for grabs. Comes with the original hard case !
    I'm pretty sure there's not much that needs to be said about the bongo...

    Just in case you never played or heard one:
    It has an amazing tone. Very growly, very deep but still remains defined. Great for rock and funk, but the bass whisperer demonstrated once how nice jazz chords sound on it :)
    The B-string is amazing, too. Blends in perfectly with the other strings.

    The EQ section is great: There is nothing that isn't possible on this bass.

    Here come the specs:
    - basswood body
    - maple neck
    - rosewood fingerboard
    - compensated nut
    - Neodym pickups !
    - 4band active preamp
    - string spacing @ bridge: 18mm
    - weight: 4.3kg

    1k_zps6a210135.jpg 2k_zps3cb7917c.jpg 3k_zps9c85e640.jpg 4k_zps5c1fcb85.jpg 5k_zps62471601.jpg

    6k_zpsa1ca6c73.jpg 7k_zps25b21425.jpg 8k_zps30aaa43f.jpg 9k_zps2759229f.jpg 10k_zps745a48ac.jpg

    Everything works perfect on this bass. No bad soldering joints, no cracking pots or stuff like that. The frets are in good shape, too.
    The bass has seen quite some stages and has been through a lot of gigs, so there is some nice mojo to it. Some like it, some don't.
    There are scrathes on the back, dings and dongs, a few paint cracks, and the paint on the back of the neck is worn through revealing the neck wood in the lower registers. But the neck feels very smooth and nice, so it definitely won't affect the playability !

    The bass was sold for 1200 euros.

    You can pay via money transaction. If you worry about sending money to a complete stranger, I could put this bass up on german ebay, and you can buy it from there (100% positive feedback there). Although this would cost maybe 60 euros ebay fees... I'd leave that up to the buyer.

    If there are any questions or price quotes, just drop me a message.

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